Prefer to let someone else do the driving? Hop on one of the many bus tours we have traveling the Quest loop.

2018 Tour Dates
Call the stores to reserve your spot on the cruise bus


Bear's Paw Fabric October 20th & 21st   Sat/Sun   
Capital Quilts October 19th & 20th
22nd & 23rd 
Cottonseed Glory October 22nd & 23rd   Mon/Tue  
Crazy Cousin October 20th & 21st    Sat/Sun 
Jinny Beyer Studio October 19th & 20th 
October 23rd & 24th
Kelly Ann's Quilting October 19th & 20th    Fri/Sat   
Material Girls October 26th & 27th   Fri/Sat   
Patches Quilting October 26th & 27th   Fri/Sat 
Scrappy Apple October 19th & 20th    Fri/Sat   
Traditions at the White Swan October 26th & 27th     Fri/Sat